General Information on EveronWorlds MMO RPG/FPS

The basic game-play evolves around a FPS view with the option to switch to 3rd person view during play. It will not shoot accurately in 3rd person view. At this time I have not forced it to auto switch to FPS when you try to shoot. That is a possibility in the future. You will be able to interact with crafting nodes and other objects in either view mode.

Game Concept:

Humans have made it into space and started traveling to other stars to colonize and for needed resources. This particular planet was initially started as a corporation mining facility. Colonists started arriving as the information on the planet showed it as a good place for a new Colony. Not surprisingly, the colonists and the corporation groups had some minor clashes/arguments over time. This stayed as a background issue for several years as the planet was being fully explored.

Things changed drastically when the Aliens arrived. At first there was an initial attempt to make contact and get a dialog started. That failed in spectacular fashion and a war with the Aliens began. We arrive now 5 years later. The war has ravaged the planet. All external contact
has been lost with the Home System of Earth. The battle in space created a massive space debris field making any kind of travel in the solar system for this planet extremely dangerous. No recent arrivals from the humans or aliens has happened in over 3 years. The planet is now isolated and left the survivors on their own.

The planet is now home to 3 Factions: The Corp, The Rebels, The Aliens. The battle rages on between the 3 factions for control of the planet. The Rebels are the colonists that broke away from The Corp. They believe The Corp was the cause of the battle with the Aliens and blame them for what happened. The Corp are loyal to the company and are determined to regain control of the planet so The Corp can succeed in connecting back to the Home Office and continuing the expansion. The Aliens are determined to clean this planet of the vermin that call themselves humans so they can colonize the planet themselves.

A virus or some biological agent released by the Aliens has resulted in the dead rising at night. It is not known why they only rise at night. Any bodies left over from battles rise by the time the sun sets, so any battle can result in major danger the next night fall. This does not affect the Aliens. The risen ignore the Aliens and no Alien bodies rise up either.
The lack of incoming ships and supplies has resulted in limited supplies for all including the Aliens. The humans have managed to get hold of a system of cloning used by the Aliens and have managed to adapt it to use for humans as well. This has some issues. It can not restore all memories and knowledge for the clone except from a record stored in the Database. This requires the human to return on a regular basis to a terminal and connect in so current knowledge can be stored to the Database. Death has been overcome to a limited extent. These views are maintained as most people/aliens continue on after death as they are now Cloned upon death and continue from the last recording stored in the Database.

Dealing with the limited resources and current technology has required some changes to way life has progressed on the planet. The main system that has developed is converting dead bodies to a basic building block of minerals that can be used in the modified 3DPrinter systems that were adapted from the original human system combined with technology scavenged from the Aliens. This end result has led to a new system of trade among the humans and aliens. Scavenging for raw materials or items that can be converted to raw blocks of materials that can then be used in the 3DPrinters to make those items needed to survive and fight.