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      Current State of Development:

      Getting all the changes to GUI and new items over to Client and Server from the Editor.
      This includes the Drag-n-Drop containers
      3DPrinters and some basic Harvesting Nodes.

      Converting both Master and Game Server to Linux compiled binaries and running on Linux.
      This will improve Stability and reduce costs for the long term.

      In the Process of planning for Player Housing.
      This is not too hard but requires some more testing of the Houses.
      Initially will be using some exisiting houses and just configuring them for use.
      These will include ones with Basements as well as Open Access RoofTops.
      May be some lockouts to shooting out of or into houses.
      Will be setting up a simple gui for limiting access.

      Base Tools and Crafting system is configured.
      Long term planning still in progress.
      Basic Harvesting Tools created.
      Simple initial Harvesting Nodes created.

      3DPrinters created.
      5 Stages.
      Each stage has limits to what can be crafted on them.
      These stages are designed for placing in Player Houses.
      Public 3DPrinter is a Stage 3 and will not change.
      Considering option for a Clan/Squadron/Guild –> House/3DPrinter

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